Press Release
Veteran Healthcare Experts Launch Life Sciences Management Consulting Group
Insider knowledge and understanding positions BioPharma Consultants with edge to implement actionable business strategies

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC (March 12, 2002)—Cutting through the clutter of existing consultants, an innovative company has sprung forth to offer insider knowledge and comprehensive strategy and business development services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.

Industry Veterans from BioPharma Consultants Ltd. Boost Launch of BioSignia Inc. Pharmaceutical Technology Group; Synthesis Analysis Positioned as Critical Competitive Tool

“Leisa Dennehy and Bob Keefer, through their extraordinary industry insight and experience, are able to help us articulate our technology in language that’s meaningful to the right people in pharma,” said Joe Chimera, Ph.D., vice president for corporate development and head of the Pharmaceutical Technology Group of BioSignia Inc. “They represent a powerful strategic, scientific, and marketing force, and we’re very excited to be working with them.”

Partnering that works
by Robert Keefer and Julia Barnes Oliver
Featured in BT Catalyst

The first stage of business development, where you develop strategies, identify partners and assemble your package, is often skipped in the hurry to start selling. While press announcements make it seem that big deals just happen, a successful deal is usually the result of a thoughtfully crafted business development plan.

Right partners smooth road for start-ups
by Robert Keefer and Julia Barnes Oliver
Featured in The Business Journal
For most high-growth companies, the first customer is not the end user — it's a partner. Success in finding partners, selling to them, and then knowing what to do with them, can lead to early revenue, resources to develop and commercialize products, and credibility to pave the way to more funding and steadily increasing corporate valuations. Attaining corporate partners can easily be a start-up's most critical success factor.

Interrogating reality
by Robert Keefer
Featured in The Business Leader

Building and maintaining an edge. Anyway you cut it, this is the first priority for any leader of a company or business unit who wants to develop a sustainable, market-leading business. It means you are delivering a unique, understandable and meaningful benefit.

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