"BioPharma Consultants not only delivers superior strategy and business development services, they know the importance of sound organizational development as a cornerstone of success. Our clients have experienced outstanding results from our joint projects. It is a pleasure to work with them."

- Bill Johnson, President, Leadership & Innovation Associates


Our Strategic Partners
We tap into a network of the best and brightest professional service providers and sets of critical expertise to help you build a cohesive team, including:
• Investment bankers and investors
• Attorneys
• Accountants
• Regulatory specialists
• Technical writers
• Market researchers
• Public relations agencies
• Advertising agencies
• Writers
• Graphic designers

Many of the businesses in our network have worked together and enjoy a camaraderie that businesses can leverage to quickly build a tightly integrated, effective business team.

Organizational Development Partners
Identifying and building sound strategies is just the first step. The best business strategies may still flounder if they do not fit together with your organizational dynamics and capabilities. When the success of new strategic directions depends on strong, flexible, capable leadership, we partner with organizational development experts to take the necessary steps (e.g., executive coaching, leadership training, team-building, etc.) to ensure that your business strategies align with your organization’s human side.

Our strategic partners include:

Leadership & Innovation Associates is a strategy and change management consulting firm that helps companies flourish in the face of change. Whether we are leading a business strategy overhaul, providing leadership development or coaching an executive, we bring to bear a philosophy that business strategy — the mind of the organization — and organizational development — the heart of the organization — must support one another in order to achieve success. We begin our projects with a rigorous assessment that looks beyond the symptoms to cut to the heart of the vital business issues in context with organizational dynamics, capabilities and goals. Then we deliver a customized solution that guarantees long-term success because it is founded in an understanding of what it takes to make strategies successful and plans a reality.

Esquare Leadership is an organizational development consulting firm based in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. We enable organizations to achieve desired results by enhancing the effectiveness of people. Research confirms that what differentiates star performers from their average colleagues has more to do with interpersonal competence than technical proficiency, and that with the right experience interpersonal skills continue to improve throughout life and career. We help organizations build high performance at the individual level through executive coaching and consultation, and at the organizational level through teambuilding, change management, workplace effectiveness, and leadership development projects.